The Characteristics Of The Splint

All the advantages of a plywood, both natural wood, such as light weight, high strength, beautiful texture, insulation, and can make up for the natural wood has some natural defects such as knots, small format, vertical and horizontal deformation, mechanical differences and other shortcomings.

Two. The plywood production can make reasonable use of the logs. Because it has no sawdust, every 2.2 - 2.5 cubic meters of timber can produce 1 cubic meters of plywood, can replace about 5 cubic meters of logs sawn into planks, and every production of 1 cubic meters of plywood products, also can produce over 1.2 to 1.5 cubic meters, which is the production of MDF and particleboard good raw materials.

The plywood has the advantages of small deformation, large amplitude, convenient construction, no warping, and good tensile strength. So the product is mainly used in furniture manufacturing, indoor decoration, residential building for various plates. The next is the use of shipbuilding, car manufacturing, all kinds of military, light industrial products, and packaging and other industrial sectors.