Tubular bandage

Product Details

1. Product Introduction

Our cotton tubular bandage is in medium weighted, it constructed by premium quality cotton and quality Elastane material. The tubular bandage has a strong elasticity and recoverability. The Tubular bandages are offered from a wide variety of sizes to make our customers fit each other and designed with a soft material that stays in place without additional closures and feel comfortable. If you are interested in our products, please send us the inquiry and get quick response, free sample available.

cotton tubular bandage

cotton tubular bandage with different style in detail

cotton tubular bandage in different style1

cotton tubular bandage in detail

cotton tubular bandage one roll

cotton tubular bandage in two sizes

2. Product Specification:





Tubular bandage

2"  Tubular bandage

2" width

1 Roll/BOX

Tubular bandage

3"  Tubular bandage

3" width

1 Roll/BOX

Tubular bandage

4"  Tubular bandage

4" width

1 Roll/BOX

Tubular bandage

6"  Tubular bandage

6" width

1 Roll/BOX

Tubular bandage

8"  Tubular bandage

8" width

1 Roll/BOX

Tubular bandage

10" Tubular bandage

10" width

1 Roll/BOX

3. Product Packing and Shipping

tubular bandage shipping and delivery.jpg

4. FAQ:

Q1. Which countries have you exported tubular bandage?

A1: we have exported tubular bandage to the hospital, retailer, distributors. We mainly export tubular bandage to the South America market.


Q2: Can we have our company logo on the package?

A2: Of course, we can pack the product under your logo.


Q3: What is your tubular bandage MOQ?

A3: The minimum quantity is 300 rolls each size


Q4: How about the free samples?

A4: We usually offer 1-2 free samples for the tubular bandage, but the shipping cost will be on your own.


Q5. How long is the fastest delivery date?

A6: It usually 30 days. It depends on our workshop production arrangements and the complexity of the product.

5. Contact us: