3 Layer Compression Bandage

3 Layer Compression Bandage
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The compression bandage system is a compression therapy which includes multi layer bandage that provide the certain pressure to treat venous leg ulcers. 3 Layer Compression Bandage provides up to 40 mmHg of therapeutic compression for lower extremity edema. 

It treats leg edema, ulcerations from venous insufficiency and venous hypertension. Consists of a cotton padding layer, high stretch layer with stretch indicator and a cohesive wrap.

The three layers of compression wrap deliver sustained and graduated compression for the legs. The Compression layers are outlined below:

Absorptive Layer – Absorbent, breathable and conformable layer that pads bony prominences.

Elastic Layer – Conformable layer that is easy to apply and provides graduated pressure. This elastic layer is also breathable.

Cohesive Layer – Provides graduated compression in a self adhering bandage wrap.

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H-3/4LB: 3 layer Bandage / 4 layer


4 Rolls/Box;

8 Boxes/Case

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4" X 3.8 Yards

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