Cotton Crepe Bandage

Product Details

1. Production Introduction

Our cotton crepe bandage composited by cotton,  polyester elastane or spandex elastane material. This crepe bandage is a light weighted product, and it is an economical choice for most time using.  The crepe bandage is a short stretched bandage which is less elasticity compare to a high elastic bandage, that means it has less compression effect. As a crepe bandage manufacturer, we are offering the cotton crepe bandage in a variety color and sizes. 

Our cotton crepe bandage offers reliable light support performance including stretch and regain. Made from 100% cotton, the Leukocrepe provides cool comfort and protection as well as light support, making it a great choice for your patients. This is a multi-purpose crepe bandage for all your departmental needs.

With superior durability, washable, breathable to reduce sweat, odor resistant. Best for sprain healing sore muscles, feet, skin breathing bandage for knuckle muscle hand arthritis. We specialize in cotton crepe bandage only, our goal is let all customers get their satisfying products. Quality products and efficient services are always our promise and principal. We are also trying to meet those special requirements by special design or special solutions for our customers.

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crepe bandage 1

crepe bandage

2. Product Specification

Cotton Crepe Bandage natural color with two color lines quality cotton and spandex or polyester material with clips FDA ISO and CE registered manufacturer



Width x Length


Crepe bandage

2" Crepe bandage

2"X 5YD (4.5M)

720 rolls / case

Crepe bandage

3" Crepe bandage

3"X 5YD (4.5M)

480 rolls / case

Crepe bandage

4" Crepe bandage

4"X 5YD (4.5M)

360 rolls / case

Crepe bandage

6" Crepe bandage

6"X 5YD (4.5M)

240 rolls / case