Light Crepe Style Elastic Bandage

Light Crepe Style Elastic Bandage
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This type of Light Crepe Style Elastic Bandage has 80%-100% elasticity contains small crepe on the elastic bandage surface, but entirely different with the typical crepe bandage. It is thinner and provides cooler, and stiffness feeling on the skin compare to other types of bandage.  It available in a variety of colors and sizes, the elastic bandage can either be latex or latex free, which includes either aluminum clips for reliable fastening.

This Elastic Bandages are designed to provide support and compression during recovery and return to activity. They are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, easy to use, and adjustable for a custom fit. This is a great bandage to have in your First Aid Kit as it can be used for a multitude of situations, such as holding on ice packs, using as a compressive bandage on any limb, holding a dressing pad in place over a wound, and so much more. It’s very easy and quick to apply a crepe elastic bandage. 

This lightweight bandage is generally applied to provide warmth, insulation and support in a variety of medical health situations. With the proficiency of this field, we are capable to present an extensive range of Light Crepe Style Elastic Bandage. Also our products are in competitive price. Your inquiry related to our products or prices will be replied in 24 hours.







2" Light Crepe Style Elastic Bandage

2"X 5YD(4.5M)

720 Rolls / Case


3" Light Crepe Style Elastic Bandage

3"X 5YD(4.5M)

480 Rolls / Case


4" Light Crepe Style Elastic Bandage

4"X 5YD(4.5M)

360 Rolls / Case


6" Light Crepe Style Elastic Bandage

6"X 5YD(4.5M)

240 Rolls / Case