Self Adhering Elastic Bandage

Self Adhering Elastic Bandage
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The difference between the self-adhesive non-woven bandage and the self-adhering elastic bandage is the self-adhesive elastic bandage provides more elasticity and pressure to the affected area. No clips needed, it provides compression for strenuous activities and available in various widths for different body parts.

Self Adhering Elastic Bandage can be used for covering wounds or for compression and support for ligaments, tendons and muscles. This bandage is also great for strains and sprains. It is soft and comfortable to wear for an extended period of time, which keeps doing the activities you love. Provides moderate support to weak, sore muscles and joints. Wrap design conforms to multiple body parts for versatility.

The Self Adhering Elastic Bandage are highly praised and trusted by customers for its excellent performance and quality, reasonable price, and perfect service system. It available in a variety of colors and sizes, the elastic bandage can be made either latex or latex free. Soft feel is comfortable against your skin. If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us, we will be the first time to reply. 







2"Self Adhering Elastic Bandage

2"X 5YD(4.5M)

1 roll∕bag,12 rolls∕box and 24 boxes∕Case


3"Self Adhering Elastic Bandage

3"X 5YD(4.5M)

1 roll∕bag,12 rolls∕box and 16 boxes∕Case


4"Self Adhering Elastic Bandage

4"X 5YD(4.5M)

1 roll∕bag,12 rolls∕box and 12 boxes∕Case


6"Self Adhering Elastic Bandage

6"X 5YD(4.5M)

1 roll∕bag,12 rolls∕box and 8 boxes∕Case